Created in early 2018 by Julia Nascimento and Erica Ward, ToCo – the Tokyo Collective emerged as an irrepressible desire to work with other local creatives: to join forces, to share ideas and experiences, and to tell stories together.

The first collaborative project, the anthology “hajime” (in Japanese, “beginning”), released in April 2018, features comics, poetry, and illustrations of seven non-Tokyo-native artists telling their first impressions of the city.

The second issue, “monogatari” (in Japanese, “to tell of things”), was released in fall of 2018, and includes twice as many contributors, each telling stories of inanimate objects of Tokyo in a completely different way, giving the anthology a strength born from diversity.

Both “hajime” and “monogatari” had a dedicated artwork exhibition at Tokyo Chapter’s gallery.

  • Role Co-founder, editor, curator
  • For The Tokyo Collective
  • Date 2018
  • Type Curatorial, editorial

Cover for hajime (illustration by Erica Ward) and monogatari (illustration by Julia Nascimento

Postcard invitation for hajime (illustration by Julia Nascimento) and monogatari (illustration by Erica Ward) exhibitions

Pages 1 and 2 of “inbloom”, part of anthology hajime

hajime original artwork exhibition

hajime closing event as part of the Sequential Art Meetup

Pages 1 and 2 of “Lil Key”, part of anthology monogatari

monogatari exhibition opening reception

monogatari closing event as part of the Sequential Art Meetup